Our professional collaboration is based on the principle of permanent tax planning, understanding as such the design of a policy that pursues the optimization of tax burdens and that at the same time can meet the needs of both the company and its partners.
The experience and training acquired by our team allows us to offer clients advice that is much better suited to their requirements and based on three fundamental pillars: technical knowledge, as well as cross-cutting knowledge of the company’s reality, closeness to issues that arise and flexibility to adapt to the needs of customers.
Specifically, our tax and accounting advice reaches:

  • Tax planning and technical advice in international investments: strategies and corporate structures.
  • Design and review of transfer pricing policies and related operations.
  • Design and execution of fiscally efficient structures for the possession and transmission of business assets.
  • Planning of business restructuring operations.
  • Supervision and assistance in the preparation of accounting and fiscal closures.
  • Resolution of all types of tax and accounting inquiries.
  • Due Dilligence Procedures.
  • Preparation and monitoring of management procedures, tax inspection, collections and sanctions.
  • Preparation and filing of claims and appeals before administrative bodies as well as in the Economic-Administrative and Contentious way.
  • Supervision of the preparation of Income Statements, Tax on Companies, VAT and other taxes.